The Fallen Kings

Product Type:


Release Date:

December 2020


PC [Windows]


Action, Adventure, Fighting



The Fallen Kings is an action-fighting game in medieval ages. Raise your weapon and play the second release in Alpha version duel matches, experience stunning story of two nations, customize your ‘king’ with items you receive during the gameplay and register for the upcoming multiplayer matches! Skill your king with bunch of fighting moves and receive all possible items to make your character even stronger.

Key Features
– Intuitive Fighting System
– Exciting Story Mode
– Duel Matches
– Character Customization
– Stunning Battle Atmosphere

After three years of development, we finally released playable version of TFK. It’s a really big challenge for us to develop such a game after The God. We had recorded our own mocap animations with our motion capture system, also some facial animations, which are still in development!

We would like to thank you for your great support in our previous games and we hope you will stay with us and participate in the first multiplayer testing in TFK! Thank you!

Big Thanks
Agentura Hector (for actors in MOCAP recording)
Oliver Bahul (for making & editing the ‘making-of’ video)
Filip Fejtl (for additional soundtracks in the game)
Voice Actors (Martyn Luke, Katabelle, Davood Faramarzi)
Community (for great support!)
Struct9 Team (for great teamwork)