Struct9 is an independent development studio based in Slovakia.
The studio has two areas of interest:
• Research in initiative software development
• Game development

Initiative software development was always very challenging area in general. We focus on unique applications which will bring new perspective to the world of technology and new opportunities for designers, engineers, architects & artists. Our main goal is to make modular & user-friendly productive software for absolute beginners & advanced. Actually we are working on a creative application for VR. We will reveal more information soon!

Game development was the first area we started doing & it was always fun. As we developed a few tools for our games, we realized that it might have a potential, so we started making our own games. We mostly focus on creative & educative games to encourage players creativity and learn them new stuff. We try to use the latest technology such as Virtual Reality and make a unique experience. We divided our games into 3 categories: Big titles, Struct9 Classics & Game Jam Titles. What is Struct9 Classics? Games tagged as Struct9 Classics are small titles or were made by the old team called Matt’s Creations which moved to Struct9. Now the games belong to the Struct9 and are called Struct9 Classics.

The studio creates a team full of talented and motivated freelancers all over the world who want to create unique applications with passion & heart. If you are one of them, hit the support button and contact us! New opportunities are welcome.
Struct9 was officially founded in March 2018.

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• June 2019 – The God nomination of Indie Slovak Game of the year 2018