The Frontier Outskirts

Release Date: June 2017, current state – Not Available
Platform: VR [Htc Vive]
Genre: Action, Simulation
Players: Single-Player, Multi-Player

TFO is a virtual reality game for HTC Vive. Fight against massive amount of cyborgs, droids and machines. Choose your favorite and most effective weapon & beam sword and enjoy the true power. Complete whole campaign to unlock all weapons and reach the top. Play custom matches, great war simulator to fight against biomechanic enemies. Dominate the skies and become one of the aces of universe. Play amazing online-multiplayer mode and dominate all battle-fields.


  • massive battles with cyborgs, droids and robots
  • plenty weapons, beam swords and abilities
  • player movement support by HTC Vive controllers
  • locomotion movement system
  • 3 movement modes
  • great battle-field experience
  • space battles
  • VR character
  • interactive environment
  • slow-motion actions
  • online multiplayer

Please, read this article to understand why the game is not available on the steam store. Thank you for understanding!