Silent Santa 3

Release Date: December 2016
Platform: PC [Windows]
Genre: Creative, MMO, Adventure
Players: Single-Player, Multi-Player

The third edition of the Silent Santa trilogy! Prepare for huge and massive adventure full of creativity, imaginations and christmas atmosphere. Now you will see, how the santa and his elves create presents. Use your imagination and create anything you want! Bring your creations into the big christmas town called “The Saint Valley” and meet there your friends or new people. Play online and enjoy the christmas. Don’t forget to share your creations! HashTag #SilentSantaArmy and show your creations to the world.


    • Toy editor with all stuff
    • Sandbox game
    • Multiplayer mode
    • Offline/ Online mode
    • Tasks and quests
    • Town editor
    • Cheats available
    • Original christmas music
    • Beautiful graphics
    • Unique christmas atmosphere

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