Product Type:


Release Date:

December 2021 (EA)


PC [Windows]


Creative, Action, Strategy



Cellings is a creative sandbox game taking place in an abstract procedural world full of various species. Experience the full evolution of cells across 3 generations, compete with other species, and explore breathtaking worlds.

Our spore-inspired sandbox game with satisfying mechanics will take you to a stylized world where magic happens! Be a part of a complete cell evolution and experience 3 generations – Neural Adaptation, Relational Adaptation, and Biological Adaptation. Create your own cell with various parts you collect during your journey and compete with other species to progress even further.

Be Creative
Construct your own cell from scratch in the Cell Editor. Each part in the editor contains 4 essential attributes that will lead you through the rest of your journey – Attraction, Speed, Defense & Damage. Create unique species with different colors and share them with the world via Steam Workshop!

Gather Resources
The world is full of interesting stuff. Gather resources to spawn more cell-mates, and buy valuable materials and other goods to progress on your journey. Cells with the role Worker will help you out!

Cooperate or Fight
Explore other species in the world and fulfil their requirements to make new friends. If you are a strong and dominant species, you can fight against other species to capture their homes.Species like to trade. If they are neutral with you, they may require a valuable material that can be bought for gathered material or randomly found in various locations. Being an ally has many advantages!

Compete in Arenas
Participate in various abstract dimensions and compete in 3 arena modes: Death-matches, Duels, and Protein Wars. Fight for a Protein that will help you craft your favorite cell-parts!

Key Features
– Intuitive cell editor
– Procedural world generation
– Unexpected behaviours
– Unique & colorful style
– Multi-genre features
– Multilingual support
– Original soundtrack

Be a part of the community and share your species to the world! Your feedback really matters. If you have any suggestions that might improve the game, do not hesitate to get in touch and let us know!

Join our official community Discord channel to explore even more of the game!