Bratislava Game Jam 2020

We’ve participated on three-days/ one-weekend gamejam called Bratislava Game Jam 2020, but in online edition due to the pandemic situation. The main topic was ‘Disinformation’ or ‘Hoax’. It’s pretty difficult topic, but very actual to the current situation! People should be more awared about these news and should verify every information. So we made a game called Legal Hacker!

The world is full of fake-news, hoaxes, disinformation and other nonsenses. Become a professional, legal hacker and silently remove all disinformation data from local newspaper company. Remove as much data as possible and don’t get caught by guards!

We’ve totally enjoyed the game-jam online edition! We’ve been working together via discord, but we still prefer the real gamejam! Hope this would be possible soon… Play the game for free in your browser!