Astrotour VR

It’s been a pleasure to cooperate with the Yahart studio on amazing game called AstrotourVR for almost all VR platforms including Vive, Oculus Touch & Quest. We had a great time during the development and we hope the game will rock! In the past few months, Yahart company has became our close partner, so we suppose this is not our last teamwork. We can’t wait for another creative collaboration! Thank you!

What is AstrotourVR?

Astrotour VR is an exploration, adventure game for Virtual Reality (HTC Vive, Oculus Touch & Quest). Experience the full process to space, from astronaut registration to the spaceship ride. Explore known but also unknown planets and receive as much information as possible!

Key Features:

  • Full physically-interactive environment
  • Simple, one-button & user-friendly controls
  • Various levels from astronaut’s point of view
  • Collection of planets and their characteristics
  • Actions with aliens
  • Rich voice over
  • Multi-language support
  • Education and entertainment
  • Ready for kids!

More about the Astrotour here.

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